First and foremost — Glow wasn’t founded by us.

Our belief is that we received Glow unknowingly as God intentionally planted little seeds in our hearts continuously throughout our lives.

When our paths aligned by faith and fate, it wasn’t in the small talk kind of way. from the very beginning we dug deep into our hearts as we exchanged the intricacies of who we are, where we come from and what lies at the essence of our hearts. As we were both unearthing the things that ground us, we found a shared ‘secret garden’, a deep longing to serve women from a place of authenticity.

As we intentionally started strolling through our ‘secret garden’ we realised that we’ve been nurturing the same seeds. Seeds now ready to be planted in solid ground. To grow a community garden together. A safe and nurturing space for the everywoman - to flourish and glow.


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Where it all started for Marize


“ 2016 was one of my toughest and messiest years to date. I was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at an ultimate low from pushing myself beyond my own human capacity. My body was begging me to stop and the night before my 25th birthday I wrote the following in my journal :

“Since tomorrow is my 25th birthday, and you have been hard on me - I have decided to wrap you up tonight. When I open you tomorrow, you will look different than today and you will guide me to become a better daughter of God, wife, friend, worker, sister and daughter. Your name will be CHANGE — and by you and through you, the new year will be different for the good, as I embrace you in big ways.”


There were a few significant, eye-opening moments that were woven in between all the messiness ,which lead me to a deep rooted desire to glow again. To be the woman of God, the wife, the sister, the friend and creative that I believe God has called me to be. Not only did I want that, I realised I wanted that for other women around me as well as we journey together by encouragement, upliftment, wellness, creative adventures - all in our aim to glow again.


So I embraced change in a BIG way in 2017. It wasn’t all at once, it wasn’t always easy and things certainly didn’t just change overnight — but I was determined to be well again. I quickly realised that I couldn’t do this all alone and so enters the dearest gentle soul, Caitlin Smit - who started listening, uplifting and supporting me effortlessly with her generous being. I knew deep in my heart - this is the same support and upliftment that so many women out there need and together we are going to offer that to them.


Deep in my heart I already knew we were about to take hands and embark on a significant journey, but it was only once we both chose to face our fears and let God lead our hearts, that OUR PASSION started snowballing inside of us.


Caitlin and I both have vocations we love and are passionate about  - I am a brand designer and stylist and she is a holistic health coach and photographer. Although this might seem like a limitation, we soon realised that it is these very gifts and skills that we already have in our hands - that will enable us to build and form this platform. We started carving out our joint vision and allowed ourselves to let it all unfold organically.


A thousand voice notes and nine months of shaping and moulding culminated in the birth of Glow — a platform to “guide the everywoman on her path to glow again, by encouraging a life founded upon conscious living.”


and how it has been synchronized all along in Caitlin's heart


My desire to serve began a long time ago.  When my parents could see my confusion around career and where I belong, in their efforts to guide me they would often ask ‘ well, what do you want to do ‘ and all I can remember being a consistent answer is ‘ I want to make a difference’.  I never knew what that statement truly meant or why it was so on my heart, however often when we are in the midst of our circumstances we get frustrated or think ‘ why is this happening to me’, particularly when our circumstances are difficult. It is only when we look back on our lives that the reasons often reveal themselves…

The meeting of a dear friend Marize, the deep desire to serve and my health challenges were never a coincidence and I feel that I can confidently say that now.

About 4 years ago my health took a significant turn, in many ways this changed my outlook on how I was living and thinking, as well as the trajectory of many aspects of my life. After a trip to India in 2011 where I became severely ill I noticed a change in my physical self ( whether that was the catalyst we’ll never fully know ). However, at the late age of 25 I was presenting with severe adult acne and hormonal imbalance, I was chronically tired with low moods and somewhat confused as to how my health had changed so significantly?  Fast forward to 2013 and a number of doctors later, frustrated - I found myself becoming an avid researcher particularly regarding alternative methods of healing acne and balancing hormones. This lead me to want to study further to better support myself and others, so I enrolled in my integrative nutrition health coaching program which I started while living and working remotely in the bush and completed it this year.


I share all of this because I now believe more than ever that God does not work by coincidence, what was placed in my heart, all that I have gone through, the people that he has put in my path and the meeting of Marize and co-founding of Glow is all so that he can use us to serve women. It is an extreme honour to be walking this joint venture alongside Marize Albertyn, her vision and conception around Glow has had me excited from the first conversation we shared about creating this platform together.


My health challenges have taught me empathy for oneself and others as well as the importance of listening to others, my discovery of food as medicine has given me hope and the desire to share that with the women I coach and my passion to make a difference has found me standing alongside a phenomenally talented woman who has the biggest heart and intention for goodness, Marize thank you. I can’t wait for Glow to be shared with a wider community of women out there, for all those who may need it.  It is with eagerness and gratitude that we step into this new journey together, along with all of you, as we aim to serve and encourage you to Glow again.