Glow-Our Mission

Let’s talk about how we aim to serve you.


We are offering a space that strives to encapsulate quality content, created and curated in a honest and authentic manner. Content that aims to offer support, upliftment and inspiration for all women on their personal wellness journey.


We are by no means claiming to be experts or saying that ‘we know it all’. We believe in sharing from a real place, which is inspired from our own health journeys as well as those of others. There is no such thing as ‘arriving’ in wellness, just as we believe there is no such thing as perfection. In fact, we are personally facing our own health challenges on a daily basis as we navigate and share this Glow journey with you —  this is what keeps Glow grounded in its efforts.


One thing that we have learnt is that there is no formula for wellness. The only way to learn what your body, mind and spirit needs in order to thrive, is to invest in understanding how it works and how it communicates its individual needs to us on a daily basis. Essentially, understanding and caring for how you work as a unique individual.

Glow is about community and figuring things out together, it is about bringing together knowledge from different people and places into a safe and well curated space.


We want to serve you through sharing the stories of real people, stories that will encourage you. By tapping into the knowledge of trustworthy experts whose paths we have crossed and those who have guided us in our own personal health expeditions ( because let’s be honest sometimes healing takes time). By showing you that wellness is about much more than simply what you eat or how far you ran. We want to talk about difficult topics , topics that we shy away from, even while they are often the missing pieces in our wellness puzzle. We want to choose celebration over comparison and invite you to do the same. We want to inspire you to be your best version and walk worthy of your calling as a daughter, wife, mother, friend or any given role you might find yourself in today.


As we value quality over quantity, we will be featuring new content once a week and weekly additions to our Glow glossary based on the current topics we are exploring. We will personally be writing, as well as sharing valuable insights and knowledge from our community of Glow contributors and experts. We are all in this together as women and we firmly believe that the magic of Glow lies in uniting our voices, hearts and stories.


This platform means a lot to us, as a means of reaching and encouraging women far and wide, but we also greatly value giving back in person and therefore we'll be hosting our first Glow Gathering in 2018. If you would like to make sure you know all details when they arrive -  be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram where we will be sharing updates.


Lastly, but very importantly —


If something on this platform sparks questions in your own wellness journey and you have the need to see a professional practitioner or holistic health coach, please feel free to get in touch and we will do our very best to point you in the right direction.


Now let’s get our Glow back! We are all in this together.

Caitlin & Marize