we see Glow rewriting the look and feel of women’s wellness—  as it breaks down walls of pretense and aims to serve women from a place of authenticity. 

our hope is that it will grow into a platform that is trusted and one that women feel comfortable to continually come back to time and again. a wellbeing pursuit that shines a light onto areas of women’s wellness that aren’t necessarily seen as important or integral to one’s health. 


we see Glow growing from an online platform into a place where we will be hosting seasonal gatherings to offer intimate, topic-focused and conscious conversations in real time and to grow a community of women that can spread the word of wellness in their direct circles. we want Glow to have a ripple effect on women. 

to reach them beyond closed doors, borders and places unknown. 


glowing should never be a trend, but a lifestyle —  a way of living a God ordained abundant life.