Floral Iced Tea — refreshing with the seasons

Hibiscus Tea

recipe by Caitlin Smit — Nutritionsprout


The days are warming up and it’s time to pull out our favourite ‘elixirs’ to cool off.

Hibiscus, or sometimes known as Rosella, African Mallow or Jamaica Sorrel is known for its distinct ruby red colour. The dried hibiscus flower is often used as a single tea or within tea blends. It has a noticeably tart and slightly floral flavour upon drinking and is said to contain antioxidants as well as vitamin C. This is an interesting flower and it is certainly worth going to read a little more of its history. We simply love it because of it’s bold colour and satisfying tangy flavour when made into a cooling tea.

Today we’re going to share a really simple recipe with you, which we hope will see you sipping your way into summery afternoons, because sometimes all we need is something simple.




1 heaped tablespoon dried hibiscus flowers

1 Rooibos tea bag

1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder

1- 2 tablespoons untreated honey

( you can always add more sweetness after tasting so start with one )





Place rooibos teabag, dried hibiscus flowers and vanilla into a jug. Boil water and add to the jug. Allow to brew for 6 minutes - afterwhich remove only the rooibos teabag. Add 1 Tablespoon honey ( remember you can add another after tasting ) Continue to brew hibiscus flowers for another 10-15 minutes

Remove hibiscus flowers. Allow to cool further, then add to fridge or serve straight away with a lot of ice. Enjoy!



Where to find the more unique ingredients

Dried hibiscus flowers  — can be found at Komati Foods in Observatory or you can order online from Faithful to Nature. Alternatively if you can find singular 100% hibiscus tea bags these can also work. You may just need more than 1 tea bag to get a strong brew.

Vanilla bean powder —  Wellness Warehouse or Woolworths




Caitlin is a qualified INHC health coach with the New York school of Integrative Nutrition and co-founder of Glow alongside Marize Albertyn. Her passion lies in women's wellness and helping women make positive and sustainable changes to their lives in order to 'come home to themselves and their cycle'. 
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