Wild and the Moondust — a plant based protein smoothie


written by Marize — She is Visual


A little more than a year ago my husband and I made a radical shift in our lifestyle and daily nutrition.

He was diagnosed with a benign tumour on his brain in 2010 and had a brain operation in 2013 to remove most of it. Unfortunately because of the location of the tumour and the risk of permanent paralysis they couldn’t remove it all. Since the operation, we’ve been keeping a close eye on it by going for an MRI scan every three months. Last year, for the first time since the operation, we got the news that the tumour has grown and his neurologist suggested we get an oncologist on board and start with chemotherapy and radiation immediately. We didn’t feel at peace with this path and decided to research for alternative options. A lot of research and many oncologist visits later, we decided to pursue a different path. We started walking alongside an incredible integrative doctor who challenged us to scrutinise every part of our lives in order to fight this battle — without toxins. One of the very first things she said as she was looking us both in the eyes with a ‘don’t take me lightly’-look, was that in order to go down this road, we have to decide from day one that is is a team effort. And we did. 


One of the major nutritional shifts was cutting out dairy, refined sugar, gluten and all meat. 

Lucky for us, my husband is a trained ex-chef and we embraced this new chapter with eagerness and determination to find just as much goodness and fulfilment in this new way of nourishment. Making major changes like this, inevitably invites lots of questions and frowns from people, but in time we also learned that it gives us an opportunity to share all the new things we discover.


One of the most asked questions was “so if you don’t eat meat, how will you get protein in?”  — enter the world of plant proteins and superfoods.

“Many animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. Plant proteins, on the other hand, are more varied. Some of them have fewer essential amino acids than animal proteins. The way to sidestep this imbalance is to eat a variety of plant proteins. When different plant protein foods are consumed together, they can contain all the different amino acids that the human body needs.”


Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-meat, but if you can’t get your hands on grass-fed, hormone free meat from a trustworthy source, then plant-derived protein can still help you gather all the protein you need. 

One of my absolute favourite finds on this journey was the magic that is Wazoogles Superfood protein powder. 

It immediately became a breakfast staple once discovered and being a lover of a well crafted dark chocolate, I will admit that the Chocolate Moondust must be my favourite of them all. It started off with a very simple combination ( as Wazoogles itself is already a whole packed powerhouse ), but in time I started experimenting with little things that just took it up a notch. Today I am sharing my favourite version to date. When I make one of these guys for breakfast, it carries me all the way through to lunch ( and that is a miracle for someone who eats at least every 2 hours on a normal day ).


My Wild & The Moondust smoothie


1 cup almond or coconut milk

1 level scoop Wazoogles Superfood Chocolate Moondust

1 ripe banana ( important that it is ripe for enough sweetness )

1 tbsp coconut butter

1 tbsp roasted almond / macadamia nut butter

1 tsp ground cinnamon

pinch of himalayan salt

hand full of ice


Blend and add filtered water to create your preferred consistency.



If you want to add a little extra anti-oxidant boost, replace the ice with a hand of frozen blueberries




If you don’t know Wazoogles and haven’t visited their website, just have a quick look at these facts about the ingredients and you’ll want to get your hands on a packet very soon.


Raw Cacao - “The Mayan food of the Gods”

Raw cacao is chocolate in its raw state before roasting. Sugar, preservatives and fillers compromise its abundant natural benefits.

Number one source of heart-supporting magnesium on the planet.

Contains cancer-fighting antioxidants

Has anti-depressant properties

Contains MAO Inhibitors, which help to diminish the appetite

No trans fats, no sugars, no dairy; 100% pure dark chocolate straight off the tree


Chia - “The gold of the Ancient Aztecs”

Chia, which means ‘strength’ in Mayan, was considered medicine by the ancient Aztecs, prized for its incredible health properties.

Chia is the richest known plant source of omega-3s on the planet

Chia has double the amount of calcium than that of milk

An excellent source of fibre - one serving of Wazoogles Superfood will provide you with 44% of your body’s daily fibre requirements

Packed with protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals


 Hemp - “The plant of life”

This ancient food can be traced back thousands of years to China, Egypt and Persia, where it was a highly revered food source.

Hemp has the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 for sustainable human health, meaning it has powerful anti-cancer properties

At 30% protein content, hemp is an ideal raw, vegan, organic muscle builder and energy booster

Long overlooked due to its misunderstood association with marijuana; hemp seeds will not get you high as they do not contain THC


Maca Root - “The Incan warrior powerfood”

This South American root is prized for its ability to kick start stamina, energy, and sexual function.

Maca is a radish-like root that grows at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains

Boosts energy, strength, libido, sexual function and fertility in both men and women

Maca is an adaptogen, meaning it adapts to suit your body’s individual needs

Boosts immunity and physical vitality  

Mesquite - “Native American white carob”

Our mesquite powder comes from the ground up pods of this amazing native-American tree.

In pre-Columbian times mesquite was a major food source of the desert-dwelling American Indians

The natural sweetness in mesquite pods doesn’t require insulin to be metabolised, making it safe for diabetics

17% in protein and rich in dietary fibre, the nutrients in mesquite are absorbed slowly, effectively balancing blood sugar and preventing hunger

Lucuma - “The creamy Peruvian superfruit”

This superfruit hails from the Andean valleys of Peru, where it was loved by the ancient Incas for its flavour and nutritional density.

Lucuma is widely known to boost the immune system, promote proper cell communication and oxygenate the blood

Extremely rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous

Recent studies have shown Lucuma to promote tissue regeneration, assisting in anti-aging and skin-repair



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Marize is the heart and hands behind her creative studio She is Visual. Apart from being a designer and stylist, she is passionate about women and their wellbeing as a pathway to living their God ordained purpose in fullness. Together with Caitlin Smit, Marize 'founded' Glow and this is where they take hands in their shared passion for women's wellness.