The Essential Series — Almond Mylk


written by Caitlin Smit — Nutritionsprout


A good nut mylk can be a delicious essential to have stocked in your fridge. It is also a great alternative to milk,  particularly for those ladies who are dairy intolerant or struggling with hormonal acne, going dairy free can aid in relieving some of your symptoms.

Going dairy free, amongst other changes certainly went a long way to help my pcos symptoms and tame my acne. However, no matter who you are or what your health concern, sometimes going dairy free can still feel daunting and even plain boring at first, that is until you discover the world of nut mylks.

It is very satisfying to spend some quiet time acquainting yourself with your kitchen and making your own nut milk from scratch, the options are exciting. You can create hazelnut mylk, cashew mylk, hemp mylk as well as almond mylk and your flavour additions are also endless from tumeric to vanilla and cinnamon, just to name a few.

Creating your own also ensures you a nut mylk that is free from any questionable additives, a big one to look out for and avoid, which is found in certain store-bought nut mylks, is carrageenan. Many brands are improving their nut mylks, however, when you have the time nothing is sweeter ( and easier ) than a homemade nut milk mylk by your own hands.

Today we will be sharing a —


Vanilla almond mylk



 120g almonds soaked overnight 

1 litre water

Seeds from vanilla pod (optional )

Himalayan salt ( a pinch )

2 fresh dates depitted (optional )



High speed blender

Nut milk bag or muslin cloth




Drain your soaked almonds and then add them to you blender with your water. Blend on high until the water has turned a creamy colour.

Strain the creamy milk through a nut milk bag or muslin cloth into a bowl, this allows you to seperate your nut milk and the bag or cloth simply catches the leftover pulp.  When ‘milking’, simply squeeze downwards, this pushes the milk through the cloth easily.

Place your nut milk back into your blender ( without the leftover pulp) and add your vanilla, himalayan salt and dates. Blend on high until everything in mixed.

Add completed milk to a jug and store in the fridge.



If you would like a plain almond milk, simply withhold the salt, vanilla and dates. If you’d like an unsweetened nut milk, just withhold the dates.



Enjoy with your favourite granola ( we are stocked up on the Simply Granola goodness over at Glow ) or your cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or even simply as is over ice. The sweetened version is particularly good over some ice!


Why mylk and not milk?

the choice to use the word Mylk is to highlight the fact that although the delicious mylk we get from nuts is white in colour and looks similar to milk, it is in fact not milk at all. It is completely dairy free and vegan friendly. It is nut mylk. 

Caitlin is a qualified INHC health coach with the New York school of Integrative Nutrition and co-founder of Glow alongside Marize Albertyn. Her passion lies in women's wellness and helping women make positive and sustainable changes to their lives in order to 'come home to themselves and their cycle'. 
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