The Glow Gift Guide — for the mindful giver

It is with great joy that we bring to you our Glow Gift guide for conscious and mindful giving.

This guide is not just guidelines for gifts, but even more so a celebration of the incredibly gifted makers and creatives we have in South Africa. From 'products with a cause' by Kin Culture to Jane Sews' recently launched #leatherwithintegrity collection. These products represent more than just material matter — they support inspiring matters themselves. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed 'finding' them and sharing them with you.

Find product details below.






Lorne is a jewellery label based in the Mother City and founded by Gillian Lawrence. They have a variety of whimsical pieces and are known for their 'blind contour '- looking  jewels mixed amongst simple yet striking lines. Their online shop is currently offline, but you can't find them at The Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays.


2 — Klomp Ceramics 

Alexia Klompje is a ceramicist & stylist in Cape Town and Klomp Ceramics is her story. All her ceramics are unique stoneware pieces made and glazed by hand.

We especially love this Marble Plate with gold dot from the Marble Collection.


3 — House of Gozdawa

House of Gozdawa is a small batch perfumery in Cape Town, dedicated to creating high quality epicene scents, following a strict production utilising only natural essential oils and carriers. All products are produced in small batches, bottled by hand and each vintage is specified. Each scent is created with deep love, commitment and intrigue to the story, the natural essences, and the history you will write for yourself as the wearer.

The first travel Eau de Cologne created by House of Gozdawa, GHOST is inspired by the scent of petrichor rising after rain in the Cape mountains. It is an evocation of home as well as a breath of discovery and release, this travel scent was made with adventure and exploration in mind.


4 & 5  — WAIF 

Designed to adorn you, WAIF is made by hand in Woodstock by owner and creator Gisèle Human and a small team of suppliers and interns. WAIF's every element is uniquely cut and designed to compliment the contours of the female form. Inspired by the amorphous, non-symmetry of nature, all stones and materials are sourced locally and cut to reflect their natural profile, allowing nature to take it's course.

We love this Dalmation Jasper Brooch ( they also come in earrings ) or for something a little more timeless, the Triple Wavy Necklace 


6 — Jane Sews

This local brand is much more than just capsule clothing and clean lines — they are pioneers in the local clothing industry and challenging us to be conscious consumers who ask questions about where our clothes come from, who made them and what are they made from. 

A gift from Jane Sews represents more than just something beautiful, it is in itself a catalyst for some or a reminder for others to be more mindful.

They launched their #leatherwithintegrity range this week and I was very happy to see the return of their beautifully crafted Round Crossbody Bag .


7 — Maria Magdalena

Another Cape Town creative — Maria Magdalena is an illustrator seeking an elegant simplicity through a complex series of intricately hand drawn lines. Whether you are looking for an original or fine art print, all items are expertly hand crafted and thoughtfully created to ensure timeless elegance.

Commisioning a custom illustration for a loved one is probably one of the most special gifts one can give as it will hold memories for years to come, but time might not be our friend and luckily she has a whole collection of illustrations available in her shop online.

Ps. Looking for tags & cards to accompany gifts? Check out her festive card and tag collection here.


8 — Dear Rae

Dear Rae is founded by Karin Rae Matthee and situated at The Woodstock Foudry. Karin’s passion for empowering and employing local South Africans has been a driving force in the business. Each Dear Rae piece is designed and made by Karin and her hand picked manufacturers at her Cape Town based studio. The studio and workshop create one space, allowing the ancient art of jewellery making to be exposed to all who visit — and provide a feast for the eyes as you leave dipped in inspiration and awe.

Looking for something a little more fancy pants — Dear Rae has got you sorted with their Fancy Pants and Maria Clara collection. Featured in our gift guide is the Luna Ring


9 —  Saint d'Ici

Saint d’Ici is a natural and limited edition parfumerie based in Johannesburg and founded by Marie Aoun.

They create only limited edition perfumes because replicability with natural ingredients is very challenging, especially when working with small-scale farmers who don’t always repeat on previous season’s crops. Truly working with nature means following its natural cycles and celebrating its variability. Just as good wines praise their terroir, so too are our perfumes part of a time and a place. Their  bottles are limited to between 50 and 350 bottles.

As activists for non-toxic beauty over here, we are fortunate to have people who take the lead in helping us clean out our beauty bags. 

If you're not sure of the smell, a great way to introduce these natural perfumes is by giving a set of samples and allowing your loved one to go on their own fragrance dicovery. Included above is the The Company's Garden — balancing herbaceous notes with delicate florals and aromatics with warm, decaying woods, resulting in a perfectly unisex sunny green fragrance that will make your heart sing.


10 — Simply Granola

Free of refine sugars and full of good vibes only. This crunchy-goodness brand is produced with heart and delivered with care by founder and baker Nicola herself. It also has a little sister — Simply Honey, who promises honey one way — the bees knees. 

Simply Granola is dedicated to the bon vivant at heart, seeking an everyday indulgence while embracing a conscious lifestyle. Have a bon vivant in your midst? Nicola just launched her Festive Gift Bags ready to melt hearts of honeys and add brilliance to your lazy holiday breakfasts.

Shop the goodness online or visit her website to find your closest stockist.


11 — Akina Label

Akina is a sustainable clothing design studio. Born from a need for comfy and ethical swimwear, their luxurious recycled fabric is manufactured in Italy and sewn locally in their Cape Town studio. Akina takes pride in the reincarnation of post consumer waste into all our fabrics, helping to reduce the environmental impact. Each collection is committed to their vision to use sustainable materials while embodying the goodness and individuality of the women who wear their garments.

This is silly swim season after all, so why not give  a cozzie with a cause? Feautured is the Toby High Waist Bikin Briefs , but the options to mix and match is endless, shop the full collection of swimwear here

Ps. This might not be of interest for everyone, but once you become aware of the toxins in clothes you very quickly realise that those closest to you ( your underwear ) might have to be the first thing you swop for organic cotton — and guess what? Akina makes 'em!


12 — UZURI

Dreamed up by two fiercely graceful women, the friendship that empowers Uzuri seeks to move mountains. By faith. In love. With passion. They 'get sandals' like summer 'gets sun' and then there is always the added creativity of a carfully handcrafted neckpiece collection to compliment 'the Uzuri look'. 

Their  dream has stayed the course — to empower and to stay true to their African root. To stay embedded in a deep and overwhelming love for this beautifully unrefined continent we call home. Their collections remains capsule in its essence — simplicity being the unrivalled ethos underpinning each new offering.

Featured is one of their summer knock-out sandals in black — The Fundo.

Shop their full Summer Collection online here.


13 — Kin Culture

KIN Culture products are best defined as designing with humanity. Each product has a story. A story of collaboration, inspiration and hope. They value creativity in the people of our nation and the potential of communities to unlock futures. Their products are handmade in South Africa with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. They believe in products with a cause. Every item you purchase is an investment in orphans and vulnerable children.

We love these handmade SISEKO Ceramic Mugs with a perfect handle for our morning rituals.

Their online orders are closed for the year, but you can get your hands on their products with a cause at their selected stockists.


14 — Woven Green

Woven Green was founded by two friends, Nikki & Julia, independent world travellers and multi-tasking homebodies. Through it all, they are lovers of all things beautiful and stylish. And who doesn't want a beautiful woven basket bag for summer beaching and light travelling.

Their baskets are handwoven — each one is unique and may have their own little imperfections. A basket is a timeless item that will never date but it's character will grow with age.

Shop their selection of baskets online here.


15 — Skin Creamery

The Skin Creamery was founded by beauty expert, Hannah Rubin. She set out to create a natural skincare range fuelled by the burning desire to combine her commitment to conscious living with her passion for skincare.

She worked tirelessly to craft this versatile range of luxury skincare essentials, taking care to source only the finest organic ingredients — each chosen for their healing qualities and ability to easily penetrate the skin. Each product has been formulated with a deep understanding of the science behind happy, healthy skin, all without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

The range honours good environmental practices from start to finish, from locally grown ingredients to locally sourced packaging.

We think the Travel Gift Set is brilliant ( and beautiful ) — goodbye, decanting your whole skincare regimen and hallo to light travelling without compromising your skin!


16 — Bare. 

Natural and nourishing skin bars that is kind to you and your skin . Made in small batches and carefully hand-cut and crafted. These beauties are full of luxurious plant and nut oils and infused with local ingredients.

Featured is the Peppermint & Moringa bar — reminiscent of a cool shower after a hot beach day. Peppermint to cool the skin and moringa with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

To get your hands on them, get in touch via email.



Some of the above products might be closed for online ordering, so best is to check their respective websites for retailers and stockist.